Hand carved furniture


Much of our furniture and home accessories are handmade in small quantities by a small team of craftsmen in northern India.

Each village has its own traditional design, which is unique to them. Many of our designs feature an intricate design of trailing leaves and flowers which reflects the village history.

Our team of craftsmen are highly skilled; we have asked them to make pieces for us using indian architecture and history as our inspiration – they always surprise us by the quality of their work – producing beautiful and intricate carving – usually after only being given a blurred photograph to work from!

The pieces arrive from India unfinished – without stain or varnish; this is so that we can ensure that items are finished using high quality, ecologically safe products, but also so that we can modify the design to suit our house style. This option also allows us to offer bespoke items – if you would like one of our pieces in a particular paint colour or finish, just get in touch with us to discuss.

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